The End Has Come. So What Happens To Share A Sandwich Now?

There are lots of questions surrounding Share A Sandwich that have been asked through out our trip and especially now at the end. Some of them we were never able to answer clearly and some we now have an answer because our time road tripping the Americas is up after almost 8 months on the…

Our Last Two Weeks Heading…. North

We had planned on getting a good start to our day, maybe even driving 600km, but at least making it to the coast. Well, none of the above happened. We left hours later than planned, debating on even staying another night in El Calafate, but we forced ourselves to go. The Last Gravel Road That…

Summery of South America

Although we still have some time left here in Buenos Aires we wanted to share with you our favourites from the second half of our trip. This is the summery of the Good, Bad and Ugly from Colombia to Argentina! We hope you enjoy!

The Realities of Overlanding and Advice We Wish We Had Before

How much does an overlanding trip cost? Do I need to bring ice packs? What about corruption or theft? Are these considerations I need to make before I go? We hope with this blog post, we can make your upcoming overlanding trip more feasible or help you better imagine what life is like on the road. Feel free to write us if you have any questions and we hope you enjoy! (Warning more of a stats and figures blog post if you are into that. We have included our budge, gas and calendar data sheets as well)

The One, The Only, Patagonia Mountains.

Welcome Back To Chile We had arbitrarily picked a campsite on our iOverlander maps to meet up with VueltaAmerica (the other overlanding couple) after we had both crossed into Chile, as we had done our own wild camping the night before. Well, the guys sure made a well-educated guess because this was campsite number two…

Border Hopping Between Chile And Argentina

We have moved away from the beach and into the forest and we could not be happier! Officially we have entered the Norther Patagonia mountain range, bouncing back through Chile and Argentina driving through their famous Lake Districts, National Parks and Rutas. I hope you enjoy the photos!

Offroading Through Bolivia

Bolivia is a beautiful country which we wish we could have explores more of if it weren’t for our lack of patience at the particular time we visited. However what we did see was amazing, the Salar de Uyuni and the Lagunas route. If you are thinking about going give this a read, and if not give it a read anyways and the pictures just might convince you ro.

Good Old Dust Bowl Peru

Prologue I, Taylor, have been to Peru before, in 2015, and enjoyed my 2-week visit. It was eye-opening to the different landscapes and lifestyles people live, but after that visit, I didn’t have that big travellers urge to come back. The roads are crazy, the drivers are even crazier and the part of the country…

That Time When Our Cruiser Killed A Bull In Peru

Bull storms across the road and smashes our Cruiser This blogpost is dedicated to first and foremost our car, Sandwich, the bull that’s dead now, and potentially unlucky future overlanders in Peru. So we drove at night in Peru to make the last stretch into a city we needed to go to. We couldn’t find…